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By: Director of LAO

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The purpose of this new non-profit organization is to bring together persons who live at-risk alone. These people, once registered as LAO members, then have immediate access to the opportunity of reducing their isolation, and increasing their security and well-being, while giving another member the same benefit. And the only equipment necessary is a telephone!

LessAlone.org is the portal to developing membership [free of charge to anyone in the USA], and then pairing (matching) members via the online program.

Many average individuals know personally at least one person of their acquaintance who lives alone at home without vital daily contact with any other person. Social workers are even more aware of these at-risk cases - those who recluse too often due to aging, loss of a loved one, disability, PTSD or PTSS, surgery, illness, accident.

The premise behind LAO's website design is to register those persons at risk, allowing them to connect with another person of similar circumstance, receiving and providing that missing daily contact that busy friends and relatives are not always prepared, able or willing to supply. And LAO member connections are designed to be virtually anonymous.

We believe solving two cases at the same time can alleviate the at-risk status of many people living alone in the U.S. Our operational model is "members helping members"! 

By increasing vital public awareness, LAO hopes to expand their registered membership with help from you – in spreading the word, locating and informing at-risk individuals, and assisting completion of their member registration free-of-charge obtain the services offered (also free) to LAO members.

And, our SUPPORT page on the LAO website is for volunteers, and provides information for volunteer efforts. There, you get suggestions for ways in which you can volunteer assistance. Our FAQ page gives details regarding how we accomplish our goal of assisting those living at-risk alone.

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Use the SEARCH box at top of this page to find out how many others are registered in your area. Enter your ZIP code [or ZIP code of your loved one] and click 'SEARCH'.


If you are interested in giving just a bit of your time as a volunteer, we'd like to hear from you. You could assist us greatly by getting the 'word out' in your community regarding our services to people. Follow this link to learn some of the ways you can be a volunteer for us.


Currently our organization efforts are focused on reaching out to thousands of individuals so they may register for our services. It is no small feat for us to seek out and utilize the many avenues available for contact. We need your help toward this end. Please use DONATIONS link, to give whatever you can. You will help to defray our mailing and advertising expenses. And don't forget to go to SERVICES, to register yourself or your loved one for assistance in locating a contact companion.