I am worried about my father because he lives alone and I have spent some sleepless nights worrying about my dad. He is 50- years-old and living alone in Arusha because both my sister and I are married. We are his only children and my mother passed away many years ago. I live in Moshi but my sister lives in England. She visits once every 2 or 3 years. My father did not re-marry because he believes that a man should only marry once in his lifetime. He is a busy man but he does feel very lonely. Living in a home alone with no one to ask even for water is very hard indeed. I wonder at times how can I make things easier for him? It would be a good idea for him to have a contact companion, so we are going to register him as a member here.

Posted By: Sukaina Merigna

January 03, 2013

Caregivers need care, too. No one can do a job 24/7, do it well, and survive. If this sounds familiar it may be time for a family meeting to clarify the problems, list the jobs that need to be done (shopping, provide a meal or two every week, doctors appointments, taking care of the banking, time off for you, etc). You can't do it alone. You and your loved one are worth more than that. LessAlone (LAO) contact companions help to fill a gap in that person's life, who lives alone. I recommend that you sign someone up today, and find them a contact friend, for their safety and YOUR peace of mind!

Posted By: J. Walthrop

November 23, 2012



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