This is an amazing program that I wish we would have known about when my mother lived alone in a different state. I think we all know of someone, either family or friend, that NEEDS this companionship. It truly can be the difference for those suffering from mental or physical disabilities who live alone. We all should feel LESS ALONE!

Posted-by: Melia L. |

Posted On July 14, 2014


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Heard this one ?

A hard-working tele-marketer called up an elderly woman one day, and began to solicit her for his product. The woman was so in need of a little conversation, she could not let the young man off the phone - but instead was compelled to keep him talking. Only did their talk end when she had finally purchased from him even more than she could afford. MORAL: lest they be scammed, many people just need someone for a short time, to converse with and to share.


"Once you choose HOPE, anything's possible."

-Christopher Reeve


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