My elderly aunt resides in a nursing home, but she is still active. Unfortunately many other residents in that nursing home are not as active, are not even able to converse with her, so she would often feel quite alone and disconnected. She now has her 'contact companion' to check on daily, and the two of them have found they share a lot in common. When I visit her, she tells me about their conversations! I'm glad she now has this new friend she can talk to.

Posted-by: N. Perkins |

Posted On June 29, 2014



July 12, 2014

I recently needed to place my mother in a residential nursing home. The first few days were good but now she gets angry and sad whenever family comes to visit or call. She is now refusing to do anything for herself and giving everyone a very hard time. The staff have suggested that family stay away & not call for a while. I am thinking she might enjoy a contact companion, who will be a special friend for her.
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Heard this one ?

A hard-working tele-marketer called up an elderly woman one day, and began to solicit her for his product. The woman was so in need of a little conversation, she could not let the young man off the phone - but instead was compelled to keep him talking. Only did their talk end when she had finally purchased from him even more than she could afford. MORAL: lest they be scammed, many people just need someone for a short time, to converse with and to share.


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