I recently had to have surgery for hip replacement, and my time confined at home for recovery turned out to be longer than I had been told it should be. I am now faced with the same surgery soon, for the other hip. This time, I plan to register for a contact companion and perhaps my next recovery period will be a bit less depressing than the last one.

Posted-by: Marsha Forster |

Posted On February 18, 2013


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Heard this one ?

A hard-working tele-marketer called up an elderly woman one day, and began to solicit her for his product. The woman was so in need of a little conversation, she could not let the young man off the phone - but instead was compelled to keep him talking. Only did their talk end when she had finally purchased from him even more than she could afford. MORAL: lest they be scammed, many people just need someone for a short time, to converse with and to share.


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