LessAlone.org is a non-profit service organization dedicated to safety and peace-of-mind of our registered members, enhancing their quality of life. We 'bring together' those individuals who live alone, creating a symbiotic relationship between people of similar circumstance and with similar needs. These individuals, while living alone in their chosen setting, are LESS ALONE when they have their 'contact companion' to check on them and make sure they are okay. We are a new organization, working to fill our database with registered "contactees", namely individuals who live alone in their homes. These homes might be single-family houses, assisted- living apartments, RVs and travel trailers - anywhere that an individual lives, has a telephone, and lives there alone.

Whether you or a loved one lives permanently alone, due to disability, handicap, or age - or lives temporarily alone due to necessity, such as to recuperate from an illness or accident - the benefit that comes from contact with others on a daily basis is obvious. We feel "who better to pair these persons WITH than another person living alone?"

The staff at LessAlone.org believes that those persons living alone benefit when they share with other people of similar circumstance. We are here to provide the service of matching you with another person living alone, so that you two may share in safety, peace of mind, and increased of quality of life. Studies have shown us that humans benefit in improved physical health and mental psyche through contact with others. WE WERE MEANT TO BE SOCIAL!

There are still many people who live without computers and other devices connected to the Internet, many by their choice. Their telephone is still their first and best contact to other people, and possibly their only option to get the help they need when it is needed.

Persons living alone who wish to find a contact companion submit to us information that assists us to match you or your loved one according to the designated desires of both individuals. The only thing we ask of our 'contactees' is that you be willing to be in DAILY contact with your contact companion, at a time of day that suits you both.

SIGN UP or CONTACT US today! Or, you can send us feedback, suggestions, comments or questions using the contact form below.

And please . . . remember our organization's services for your loved one who lives alone.

Our commitment to you and our goal

The staff at LessAlone.org makes every attempt to pair every person in our database with a contact companion they are both happy to be in contact with. If, at any time, for any reason, you need a new companion, we will gladly supply you a new contact.

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Heard this one ?

A hard-working tele-marketer called up an elderly woman one day, and began to solicit her for his product. The woman was so in need of a little conversation, she could not let the young man off the phone - but instead was compelled to keep him talking. Only did their talk end when she had finally purchased from him even more than she could afford. MORAL: lest they be scammed, many people just need someone for a short time, to converse with and to share.


Once you choose HOPE, anything's possible.
           - Christopher Reeve


If you are interested in giving just a bit of your time as a volunteer, we'd like to hear from you. You could assist us greatly by getting the 'word out' in your community regarding our services to people. Follow this link to learn some of the ways you can be a volunteer for us.


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